Safe and sound Medication Use

A good way to get the right medicine at the right dose and the right combination with other medicines is to ensure that everyone regularly has the opportunity for a review of their medication consumption.

A Personalised and Targeted Medication Review to Reduce Medication Error, Interactions and Unwanted Side-Effects in Patients With PolyPharmacy

The Importance of Safe Medication Prescribing and Use 

Medication errors produce a significant problem both in hospitals and communities and create a major risk to patients. Most medication errors can be prevented. Healthcare professionals play an important role to reduce the risk of medication errors.

Healthcare consists of various care units that have a common mission to medically prevent, investigate and treat illnesses. Pharmacists are an important part of health-care and responsible for the supply of medicines and drug counseling to the population. Pharmacy is considered to be the first and last link in the healthcare chain for patients with health-related problems. The fact that the pharmacy staff is supportive of the patient’s use of drugs helps pharmacies to relieve a great deal of primary care. In this way, the basic social mission of health care to improve public health is fulfilled.

                                                                     Importance of Medication Review

Wrong Medication use is one of the most common reasons threatens patients’ safety. In addition to patients being injured in healthcare, it could lead to significant social expenses. Correct use of the medications requires that patients know the purpose of their treatment and the way they should be carried out. Medications are safe when used in the right way for the right person, but they could cause serious injuries in the wrong dosage and for the wrong purpose. That is why it is crystal clear for the medical experts that the difference between a medicine and a poison is only the dosage.

As over 70% of adults take some sort of medication every day, instructing, training, and following-up on their safe and sound medication use is crucial. Pharmacists have a unique position to help people get the best out of their medication use with an advance service called Comprehensive Medication Review or CMR.

CMR detects the risks associated with medicines, treatments, and management. In general, several factors affect the safety of medications. For instense: administration, active substances, user characteristics like age and health condition, other medications, instructions, and the treatment follow-up.


SJ Dadvar

My name is SJ Dadvar, a professional Swedish licensed pharmacist (Pharm.D) with long work experiences both in Europe and Middle-East, in the field of clinical and dispensing pharmacy.

 My education and practice in different countries, provide me vast knowledge on Healthcare, Medication Review, and Drug-Interactions fields.

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