My name is SJ Dadvar, a professional Swedish licensed pharmacist (Pharm. D) with long work experiences both in Europe and Middle-East in the field of clinical and dispensing pharmacy.

My education and practice in different countries, provide me a vast knowledge of “Healthcare”, “Medication Review” and “Drug Interactions”.

My Educations and Achievements:

  •  Industrial Biotechnology, Master degree, Högskolan I Borås, Sweden 
  •  Pharmacy, Master degree (Pharm.D), University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  •  Pharmacy, Master degree (Pharm.D), University of Tabriz, Iran

Work experience

  • Pharmacy Specialist at Hjärtat Pharmacy, Malmö Sweden
  • Pharmacy Specialist at Kronans Pharmacy, Malmö Sweden
  • Retail pharmacist at Medstop Pharmacy, Malmö Sweden
  • Retail pharmacist at Haslev Pharmacy, Haslev Denmark
  • Owner and Manager at Dr. Dadvar Pharmacy, Mashhad Iran
  • Pharmacy specialist at Social Security Clinic, Sarakhs Iran
  • Pharmacy specialist at State Pharmacy, Ferdows Iran
  • Retail pharmacist at Dr. Khan Pharmacy, Tabriz Iran

My Passion

  I started my career about 22 years ago when I graduated as the youngest and top-ranked pharmacist from a very well known University in Iran. At that time I was just 22 years old, very ambitious and also confused about my career, goals, and future!

 After many years working in the field of pharmacy, now I can say that I love being a pharmacist because of the impact that I can make in my patients’ lives. I’ve consulted many patients to decide what medicinal remedy has the best effect for them and could be the most cost-effective as well. I have had the opportunity to get involved with many patients’ lives, not only in their health care but in many aspects of their private lives, and in my belief that makes me both a better pharmacist and person.

 Working as a pharmacist is not about prestige nor income. It is all about giving back again. I love being a pharmacist not only because of the lives I have touched but also due to the lives that have touched me.

 I’m grateful for the all opportunities my career provided me, both as an individual and as a professional, and could not be thinking to do any other job than being pharmacist!

Goals and Roles

 Being a pharmacist is more than just dispensing medicines. Safe medication use relies on competence and experience of pharmacists in face-to-face advice and consultation. Patients may wonder about the effect of foods on their medication, exercise, and activities while on medication, or even the effect of different medicines on each other. 

 During the last decade importance of the pharmacists and their role in society have developed substantially. The traditional purpose of the profession usually centered on providing and delivering medicines, while interacting with other health care groups and specialists were quite undeveloped.

 These days, pharmacists also make sure about rational and cost-effective pharmacotherapy, enhance clinical results, plus collaborating with many other health care groups.