Comprehensive Medication Review: CMR

What is the Comprehensive Medication Review:

Medication therapy management became a very well-known method after passing of MMA (Medicare modernization act) in 2003 in the USA. Different services lie under the definition of Medication therapy management, and all of them are important to optimize patient’s health-care and medication therapy. One of those services is “Comprehensive Medication Review” or CMR.

CMR is an appointment based review of a patient’s prescription medications and OTC medications by a pharmacist to assess medication-related issues and cost-saving opportunities. The focus of the CMR is medication safety, patient compliance, and cost reduction as well as the creation of an updated master medication list. Consequelntly, all issues identified during CMR should be resolved in collaboration with the patient and/or the patient’s caregiver.

Importance of Medication Review

Wrong Medication use is one of the most common reasons threatens patients’ safety. In addition to patients being injured in healthcare, it could lead to significant social expenses. Correct use of the medications requires that patients know the purpose of their treatment and the way they should be carried out. Medications are safe when used in the right way for the right person, but they could cause serious injuries in the wrong dosage and for the wrong purpose. That is why it is crystal clear for the medical experts that the difference between a medicine and a poison is only the dosage.

As over 70% of adults take some sort of medication every day, instructing, training, and following-up on their safe and sound medication use is crucial. Pharmacists have a unique position to help people get the best out of their medication use with an advance service called Comprehensive Medication Review or CMR.

CMR detects the risks associated with medicines, treatments, and management. In general, several factors affect the safety of medications. For instense: administration, active substances, user characteristics like age and health condition, other medications, instructions, and the treatment follow-up. 

Why CMR? The benefits and advantages

CMR is a very unique and methodical way to: 

  • Evaluate the patient’s health condition under medication treatment
  • Assess the medication effectiveness on patients
  • Record medicines and active healthcare plan
  • Achieve enhanced and new healthcare and therapy plan
  • Help patients receive the best outcome from their medications
  • Evaluate the medication performance 
  • Screen the outcome of an altered medication treatment

There are many important benefits and advantages of a proper and comprehensive medication review, for example:

  • An increase in patients safety
  • A decrease in personal and social costs
  • More patient compliance
  • Better and safer treatment
  • Fewer medication interactions and side effects 

Who is eligible to perform Medication Review

Pharmacists, as leaders providing health services, improve comprehending of medications, detect medication side effects, over and under medication use related to the prescription medications. Also, they have the right knowledge, ability, sources and tools to perform a professional and comprehensive medication review.

Medication Review has given people a big chance to become more aware and concerned about their health-care and to better comprehend their medications. Also, it allows pharmacists to use their knowledge to enhance the patient’s life. Furthermore, it improves the outcome of medications to achieve the best treatment results.

Who needs to receive a CMR

CMR is normally recommended for those who are taking several medicines at the same time (polypharmacy). That is why It is a must for patients with at least five medications prescribed during the last six months. This professional effort puts their medications under inspection and assesses their performance both individually and together. 

CMR helps patients to understand:

  • Why they need to take medications
  • When they should take them
  • How to take them correctly
  • The way medications work
  • Precise medication dose for a perfect treatment

It is highly recommended that patients receive a medication review regularly. Because of the fact that it gives patients more control over their health and medication use. Most importantly, patients can ask pharmacists for a medication review even without doctor’s approval.

Under Comprehensive Medication Review the patient will name his or her medications, including:

  • Over the counter medications OTC
  • Vitamins
  • Food supplements
  • Herbal products
  • Prescription medications

Each of them gets assessed for their medicinal purpose, effects, expected outcome, administration method, and interactions. so, If there are any problems, the pharmacist will change the care plan.


To sum up the best way to get the right medication at the right dose and the right combination with other medications or food is to ensure that everyone regularly has the opportunity for a professional and comprehensive medication review!

So do not hesitate to get yours now!