The easiest and cheapest solution to use your mobile phone abroad

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Do you travel abroad a lot and have had high-cost problems for your mobile-use?

Calling from your mobile phone or being called when you are abroad can be insanely expensive. Using mobile data out of the country could be even worse. You may have experienced a “Bill Shock” by those unexpected charges on your mobile bill when you returned home.

So how to avoid such a problem and what is the best solution for that. Recently, I found the best way to avoid bill shock and finally could get all my phone-related costs under control. That could be a solution for you as well, so keep up with this article to find out more!

What is Roaming?

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Roaming comes from the English word for wandering or traveling. And that’s exactly what it is. It’s all about wandering around between different networks.

Roaming service is the ability to get access to call and the Internet when you are away from home at the price of a local call or at a charge considerably less than the regular long-distance charges. It usually means that you are abroad and use a foreign network for surfing, calling, and texting.

Why roaming is so expensive?

Most of the expensive foreign networks provide relatively cheap data and call services to their local customers in their own countries but international calls and roaming for visitors and travelers could be very expensive.

The cost to provide such a service is a fraction of what is being charged. The majority of the cost comes from the numerous agreements and negotiations which must be carried out between carriers to make sim cards work in different countries.

What is the best solution to avoid all extra costs and Bill Shock?

Finding the best solution to use a mobile phone abroad is not so easy especially when you are used to using your comfortable mobile subscription plan in your country. 

As a businessman, traveler or tourist we want to keep our telephone number, use our mobiles freely with minimum cost on the go. but how? If you buy a new sim card everywhere you go, you may end up with numerous sim cards with different numbers and short expiry dates! That could cost you even more than keeping and using your sim card.

But here is the deal. Think if there is an international sim card with now expiry date, free incoming calls and call forwarding, cheap outgoing calls, could be set to your very own phone number and more. And the good news is that I have found it!

I have recently bought a sim card from a German company called 2Slink with all the properties mentioned above. 

You can also use their dashboard 2Slink RCS as an ultimate app to assign many numbers to your sim card, free chat, call, SMS and MMS between RCS users. Cheap international calls and text, free incoming calls with no limitation even without charge, high-speed data in roaming and much more. Before you pack for your journey just buy a proper package within the dashboard and you are good to go. You can have full control over your cost and data usage in real-time within the RCS app/dashboard.

You can get the RCS app from the app stores:

I hope you enjoy more of your travel next time without any worries about mobile usage and bill shock.